Emerald Stars - Susanne Brokesch———————————————–
Format: CD (DigiPak)

COSR026  |  Indigo

Release Date: February 7th, 2006

01) The emerald stars in the sky
02) The art of missing the bus
03) Like a hologram
04) The missing records are private
05) Heroes (History Remix)
06) Der Soldat
07) Nachtzauber
08) Stille Liebe
09) Nachtzauber (Fantasie)
10) Das Ständchen
11) Verschwiegene Liebe
12) To Go Back
13) The Emerald Stars In The Sky (Reprise)

Emerald Stars are jewels and the music of the Austrian New Yorker Susanne Brokesch has the same status. Her third regular album will be released on Chicks On Speed Records, not on Disko B like her previous albums. The reason for this switch of record labels lies in Susanne’s production style: The compositions are less ambient-like. They open up more towards experimentation, classical song interpretation and Pop music.On “Emerald Star” the producer electronically rewrote five songs by the Austrian composer Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) :“Der Soldat”, “Stille Liebe”, “Nachtzauber”, “Verschwiegene Liebe” and “Das Ständchen” were presented live on stage by Susanne Brokesch and Jon Turi at the new Austrian Cultural Forum on 52nd Street.

The Cultural Forum was opened in spring 2002, and Susanne was asked to compose the music for the very first exhibition, Transmodernity, which was designed and by gangart. The result we hear in Susanne’s new CD: “The missing records are private” is the short version of the music coming out of the basement gallery which every visitor had to put up with for almost five months. Susanne Brokesch’s comments :“I´ve chosen the title years after recording the track. I was reading a book on the Salem Witchhunts. Real Estate seems to have played a major role in demonising Salem citizens! It is documented in detailed diaries and chronicles. I think about what is going to happen if witch-hunts become popular again, if no one documents the real motives and if any reliable se- condary documentation derives from information networks dominated by powerful elites? What will the afterworld know about us, what conclusions will mankind draw centuries ahead of us?

”You will find some moments of fascination and complexity in Susanne Brokesch´s very own ways of processing influences  – both musical-technically & the matically. The work of painter Paula Brooks might spring out of such golden moments. Brooks created the painting now decorating the cover-artwork of “Emerald Stars”. Brooks presently works in the Living Museum, an arts-centre at the Creedmoor Psychatric Hospital. It is a workplace and a gallery at the same time.

Susanne Brokesch sees her tracks “Like a hologram” and “To go back” as a critique on the impersonal commercialization in today’s fields of medicine and incarceration. Acrooss the board, Brokesch is exceptional. A rare moment is unfolding when Susanne Brokesch approaches “Heroes” (in the version of Oasis!) and creates the most intense interpreatation of the original and resolves her game of mutual silence and noise into freeing Pop.