Le Tigre


Formed around 1998 by Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna and filmmaker Sadie Benning and zine impresario Johanna Fateman, Le Tigre melded feminism with pop and crazy samples with lo-fi recording techniques that gave their sound an intimacy that electronic bloops and bleeps tend to threaten. Their self-titled debut was a dizzying experiment in feminism and art-rock, producing the killer single “Deceptacon,” which disassembles eighties new wave pop and puts it back together into something with an overt politics, but joyously fun. 2001’s Feminist Sweepstakes had a more mature sound and message, but was a solid follow up and able successor. In 2004 Le Tigre released their first major label album This Island. The record was very well received, included production by Ric Ocasek and dance-anthem single “T.K.O.” The album was the first to feature keyboardist/vocalist/programmer J.D. Samson.