GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN -The Number of the Beat

GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN - The Number of the Beat
GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN - The Number of the Beat 

Gebrüder Teichmann - The Number Of The Beat

2 x 12”  | CD (DigiPak)
DB149 | 149CD
Indigo#:    2 x 12″ 90514-6 | CD 90514-2
Release Date: September 21st 2007


01. Auftakt
02. Un Bug (feat. Alice)
03. Interregio
04. Dance And More (Album Version)
05. Zwischenspiel
06. 606 (The Number Of The Beat)
07. Intermezzo
08. Minimal Scheissegal (feat. Alice)
09. Hoplahop
10. Nick
11. Karacho
12. So Dance (feat. Alice)
13. Start
14. Whateverman
15. Moog Interlude
16. Romy (feat. Martin Haygis)
17. Jodel
18. Offset
19. Knarz V
20. Inviolata Version
21. Extro


Gebrüder Teichmann on Disko B! Subsequent to the outstanding succes of the Yesternight EP (ranked 25 in the Groove Charts; Hot Shots DCC), the Berlin based exile-Bavarians, “Festplatten” label runners and musical globetrotters  finally bless us with their first album “The Number Of The Beat”. For over eight years they have been effectually operating their label Festplatten and exploring the world (Europe, Sibiria, Japan, South America and Middle East) in order to perform and to spin records. They moved from Regensburg to Berlin, released on Kompakt and as beigeGt members on L’Age D’or. Now they’ve spotted a new home in their old homeland. Finding Upstart as their new label boss meant meeting somebody whom they had known for over ten years at that time. During the old days at Munichs legendary Ultraschall, where Andi and Hannes went to as young ravers and became residents later,  they had experienced a lot together. For this reason they put their phenomenal debut album in the hands of Disko B. During their versatile rocking DJ- and live-sets, the passion and enthusiasm for music can always be felt. As their father is a jazz saxophonist, “handmade” music had always been a serious influence on their music.But which number is the one of the beat now? According to the Teichmanns point of view there are many. On the one side the number is a result of analogue drum machines and on the other it’s the consequence of  unwarped music making. And therefore quite differing facettes can be heared on their album. Let’s take the collaborations with Chanteuse Alice Clement, who figures out a glitch in the matrix (“Un Bug”) with unbending energy, only to battle the uninspired Berlin minimal hype with the bone dry track “Minimal Scheißegal” and at least suggests the audience to dance to death with the poppy “So Dance”, or the already released rave monster “Dance & More” on Speicher, which obtains an even bigger brother with “Karacho”. Of course beigeGT singer Martin Haygis can’t be missed, even if he would rather be Alain Delon on the joyfully clicking and roaring “Romy”. “Offset” provides even more deepness and the title track claims very funky and discoesquely that 606 is meant to be “The Number Of The Beat”. Still the beat exhibits a whole lotta different numbers, smoother and less per minute.: “Nick” brings the waltz back to electronic music, “Whateverman” gets delighted by the sun shining on his belly and swims on fat bass beats, accompanied by cello and guitar on the waves of tape delays. “Inviolata” is truly based on a motette of Guilaume de Machant from the 14th century. Nevertheless everything matches perfectly…



Gebrüder Teichmann - Yesternight

Format: 12″

DB148  |  Indigo 90206-6
UPC: 8 80918 01486 9
Release Date: June 01st 2007



Gebrüder Teichmann on Disko B! The Berlin based exil-Bavarians, “Festplatten” label-chiefs and musical-worldtravelers Andi & Hannes Teichmann, jack us right back on the dancefloor with their upcoming pre – album – e.p. “Yesternight”. Since 8 years they´ve been successfully running their recordlabel “Festplatten” and been playing the world (Europe, Siberia, Japan, South America and Middle East) as DJs and Live-Act. They moved from Regensburg to Berlin, released on Kompakt and as part of the band beigeGT (well-known for the fabulous cover-version of Underground Resistance´s “Knights Of The Jaguar”) on L´age D´or. Now Hannes & Andi recovered a new home in their old homeland. With Upstart they also found a labelboss, they´ve been knowing for over 10 years and with whom they experienced a lot, back in the legendary Ultraschall days, where the Teichmann Bros. first started as young ravers and ended up as floor filling DJs. For this reason they committed their phenomenal debut album to Disko B, which will follow in September 2007. Known for their eclectic and always crowd-moving DJ- and Live-Sets, you´ll always hear and feel their love and enthusiasm for music itself. Maybe it has something to do with Uli Teichmann, who is jazz saxophonist and father of this two talents. No wonder that “handmade music” plays a big roll in their set-ups and is also a big influence to their productions. Their style is unique, a mixture of played instuments and computer, in which the computer more and more gets kind of a recording and arranging host-system for the analog park surrounded. 

Yesternight E.P.“: Due to the computer change music and after the first wave of rapture, it was just a vapid taste of casualness left in the productions, that´s why the Gebrüder Teichmann considerate on their true roots and brought back their old and dusty analog-boxes, blew away the dust and plugged in the power cords. The compositon is very classical and fuels from step-sequencers and analog-synthezisers, even an antediluvian sampler from the 80´s plays a maior part. The Sounds are mostly rough and spirited with clear reference to classic house and techno, but with both feet in the present. “Yesternight” lives on the subtle force to chain people on the dancefloor. “Startup” goes direct “…in your face!”, based on simple moog-theme and ends up in a murderous “…put your hands up in the air” – break.


Quotes for the pre-album Yesternight EP (DB148)

“Yesternight Rocks!!! Completely!” (Alex Kid, F-Communications)
“Yesternight is one hot oldschool rocker, will play it out! ” (Dave DK, Playhouse / Tresor)
“Teichis stuff is phenomenal! I played the two tracks up & down during the the last weeks… – Worldleague Oldschool Music with great taste & drive!!! – There you recognize how long these two guys have been in the game!!! – TOP!” (Mathias Kaden, Vakant)
“Phat Track. Finally a new awsome Disko B!” (Toni Rios, Cocoon Rec.)
“Yesternight”; A long groovy floundering Track with hypnotic choir attacks! Delicious!” (Len Faki, Berghain)
“…puts you right on the dancefloor!” (DE:BUG 10/07)
“…resident grooves. … assures with big beats and great humor.” (Groove Magazin 10/07)