Pollyester – City Of O


Pollyester - City Of OThree years have passed since the release of their debut album „Earthly Powers”. The international press celebrated Pollyester as an exciting mixture of Les Rita Mitsouku, Cosmic and Krautrock, and declared them top notch disco punk newcomers. Several tours in the US, Japan and Europe followed as a logical consequence and even Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos and Mr. James Murphy himself quickly became fans of the quartet, which is now reloading with full force on its Disko B/Schamoni Musik premiere.

The City Of Orion, a reproduction of this mystical heavenly body, recreated by man in the Moroccan desert, has been a long time yearning place for Polly and her three band members and became the major inspiration for the album title. Many of the new songs circulate around the theme of “solitude” in all its facets but everyone who is now thinking of a barely accessible concept album is dead wrong, because also in 2014 the band sparkles in a fountain of unbound Punk / New Wave / Disco energy: This is where early Talking Heads hang around on a DFA bloc party whilst Tom Tom Club is jamming with Le Tigre in the background.

The opener “Cut Diamond” addresses that special second in which you realize a related chemical composition in your counterpart, and the two instrumentals “City of Orion I & II” are desert music à la Pollyester – the soundtrack for the band’s not yet realized trip to the origin of their longing. “In my Boots” is Polly’s offer for all matters of life: Stay strong in rugged boots – cowgirls stroll easier! And the four always got one eye on the dance floor as well, to be verified in “Catrina”, a song which is dedicated to the protective patroness of the Day of the Dead in Mexico: a marvellous cold fusion of Italo Pop, High Energy and 80s funk – surely not the only club hit on this record.

“City of O.” has become a brightly glistening album, yet it emanates tranquillity and sovereignty at the same time. “The best of both worlds” in the most beautiful sense of Pop. Adequately this album is the first collaboration release of Munich’s two most flamboyant musical wildstyle platforms: Disko B and Schamoni Musik.


The Belarusian born singer and bass player Polina Lapkovskaja founded Pollyester as a duet together with drummer Manuel Da Coll in 2007. Since 2011 Benjamin Brachtel (synths) has been a steady member of the band. While Polly was shaking up nightlife routines restlessly with her freaked out projects over the years – the Avantgarde Pop band Kamerakino and the highly successful party series Zombocombo are only two of the most important episodes –, da Coll travelled and played half the world with his Punk Brass band Labrassbanda and Brachtl set fire to the clubs with his “Tambien” productions. Benjamin Matthias, who made the trio grow to a quartet, is also a major influence to the band’s live shows with his sound effects.


“What makes this album really stand out is how it incorporates punk, disco and krautrock into the Cosmic sound – not to mention the smattering of Nico throughout. The result with ‘Earthly Powers’ is a mosaic of styles that offers a larger image of what the future could hold for electronic music; and it never gets lost in its references.” Electronic Beats

“Pollyester’s style buoyantly combines intense synth-pop with extremely well written prose and melodies so sticky they put used lollipops to shame. If you don’t believe the hype, take any song off of their long-player ‘Earthly Powers’ for a spin and your senses will be immediately flooded with mild euphoria…The balance between accessible pop and intense musical drama gives Earthly Powers its gravitational pull. Pollyester has managed to satisfy the brain’s need for sweet, low commitment hooks all the while stimulating the inner cranial synapses within the allotted 60 minute time frame. Pollyester consistently refrain from overindulging the listener with a barrage of effects maintaining a refreshing minimalism and intensity. Earthly Powers is a dramatic stage show full of striking elements and changes in mood. The complexity and accessibility is sure to elevate its status in the over saturated synth-pop genre.”  The Line Of Best Fit


  1. Cut Diamond
  2. 2328628
  3. In My Boots
  4. My Father’s Eye
  5. City Of Orion I
  6. Change Hands
  7. Catrina
  8. Jalousie
  9. Fall Out Of Love
  10. City Of Orion II

Release Date : January 30th 2015
Format : CD / DoLP incl. CD

Cat # DoLP : DB170 / Indigo 992391 / UPC 8 80918 11701 0
Cat # CD : DB170CD / Indigo 992392 / UPC 8 80918 11702 7