The Pyramids – They Play To Make Music Fire!




14. December 2012 Worldwide

3-CD Box incl. 42 page booklet & video

DB162 | Indigo 97231-2



01. Lalibela
02. Sheba´s Dance
03. High Priestess
04. Rock Churches
05. Dialogue Of The Spirits
06. Mesenko Nights
07. Indigo
08. Ya A Ya A Ya A Ya A (Anubis Awakens)
09. Sunset At Giza


1. Mogho Naba (King Of Kings)
2. Queen Of The Spirits – Pt.1
3. Queen Of The Spirits – Pt.2
4. Queen Of The Spirits – Pt. 3
5. Nsorama (The Stars)
6. My Africa


01. Aomawa
02. – 05. Birth/Speed/Merging (Pt.1-4)
06. – 09. Reaffirmation (Pt.1-4)
10. – 11. Jamaican Carnival (Pt.1-2)
12. – 15. Black Man and Women of the Nile  (Pt.1-4)






They Play To Make Music Fire!
The Pyramids 1973 – 1976Founded 40 years ago in 1972 The Pyramids released three albums before splitting up in 1977: Lalibela (1973), King Of Kings (1974) followed by the seminal Birth/Speed/Merging LP (1976). Three albums that made them one of the most mysterious and legendary of all the spiritual cosmic jazz collectives of the early 70s, like the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Sun Ra.

“We were way ahead of our time, so we decided to let time catch up.”
Idris Ackamoor

After a highly energetic reformation (reunion) of the group in 2007, The Pyramids lately released Otherworldly (DB159) – the first Pyramids’ album in over 35 years!!!  To complete the whole story of The Pyramids, Disko B now re-releases the three rare Pyramids’ recordings from the 70s in a triple CD box under the title: They Play to Make Music Fire! The Pyramids 1973 – 1976 (DB162CD). Over this there will be a limited vinyl edition of the three masterpieces.

The three albums of the 70s:
Lalibela, King of Kings and Birth/Speed/Merging

Lalibela (1973) was the first album recorded by The Pyramids following their landmark journey     throughout Africa as students from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The album is one of the first cutting-edge “concept” albums as each side of the LP seamlessly flows from one composition to the next in the vein of a suite painting a musical portrait of the African adventure experienced by founding members Idris Ackamoor, Margaux Simmons, and Kimathi Asante. Lalibela, Ethiopia was the inspiration for the album.  A journey to experience the 12th century rock churches of Lalibela by Margaux and Idris closed out their nine-month African odyssey. The personnel for the recording was augmented by new members percussionist Bradie Speller (Hekaptah), drummer Marcel Lytle, and soprano saxophonist Tony Owens (Masai). The album has plenty percussion driven rhythms, beautiful alto sax and flute melodies, soaring and “out” improvisations, ritualistic chants, meditative tone pieces, high energy modal jams, and exotic African instruments collected during the African trip.

King of Kings (1974) was the second album that reunited all original members includ-ing drummer Donald Robinson while adding several special guests, pianist Jerome Sanders, and cellist Chris Chafe. King of Kings was recorded at Appalachia Sound Recording Studio located several hours away from Antioch in Chillicothe, Ohio. Unknown to the band at the time, Chillicothe was the site of ancient Indian burial mounds.  This reality added to the very spiritual quality of the recording. The opening track Mogho Naba continued the groups’ fascination and interest in African history and reflections. The Mogho Naba is the King of the Mossi people in what is now Burkina Faso, but dates back in antiquity. The tune’s rhythm is infectious!  The use of call and response chants and beautiful horn lines is meant to hypnotize and induce trance elevating spiritual consciousness. Queen of the Spirits was written as a dedication to flautist Margaux Simmons. It is one of the bands’ favorite pieces of music. Utilizing the Ugandan harp, the African one string fiddle (Goge), percussion, piano and cello, the closing is prescient harking to world music and music for meditation that would come years later!  The UK band Bonobo sampled a section of the composition for their hit album “Days to come”.

Birth Speed Merging (1976) represents the San Francisco Bay Area era of the band.  Relocating from Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1974 The Pyramids quickly met other musicians in the thriving San Francisco Bay Area music scene.  After the departure of original member Kimathi to continue his African studies a very talented acoustic bass player named Heshima Mark Williams joined the band along with a new conga player named Mcheza Ngoma and new drummer Augusta Lee Collins. The Pyramids began working extensively around the area.  Within the next year Kimathi returned from his travels and rejoined the band. The Pyramids now had two bass players; one acoustic and one electric. The composition Jamaican Carnival pays homage to the beautiful Caribbean island Jamaica and is one of the bands’ most danceable tunes. For the composition, Birth/Speed/Merging Suite, the band utilized the brilliant percussionist Kenneth Nash to play on the track and it is one of the bands’ most interesting and exotic compositions.  There are a variety of unusual and beautiful percussion and string instruments used on the track featuring the Ugandan Harp, the Chinese Cheng, and a string instrument called the Rosenbow. The composition is an aural delight of unusual sounds and beautiful colors.

Reunion? Re-Incarnation!

2007 it came to a highly energetic reunion, boosting their trademark sound of massive afro-centric drums & percussion meeting ecstatic group improvisations. The Pyramids’ extensive European tours in 2010 through 2012 turned out to be a great triumph: mesmerizing audiences at various clubs and festivals all over Europe with a new sound and a new band configuration featuring founding members Idris Ackamoor and Kimathi Asante, original members Bradie Speller and Kenneth Nash, and special guest artist Kash Killion.

“Wow – what a show they put on!” Gilles Peterson

The collective received rave reviews and standing ovations in every city they played in. They also blew Gilles Peterson’s mind at WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL and the WORLDWIDE AWARDS where The Pyramids’ spiritual and musical leader, Idris Ackamoor was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In summer 2011 The Pyramids were recording tracks for a new double album (the first since 1976!) at the studio of Krautrock legends Faust in South Germany.

The Pyramids – Otherworldly

The Pyramids - Otherworldly

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Format: doLP / CD
DB159 | Indigo 96371-1/2


01 Memory Ritual

02 Time Capsule

03 What The World Needs Now

04 Nebulosity

05 Nebulosity Part 2

06 Uttering Sacred Words

07 Cloud Rider

08 Boundless Eterneties

09 Absolution

10 Ancient Funk

11 Otherworldly

12 They Came From Chicago

13 St. Louis Two!

14 Reincarnation

15 Memory Ritual / Extended Version









The adventure begins!
Discover The Pyramids…again!! 

Founded 40 years ago in 1972 “Otherworldly” is the first Pyramids’ album in over 35 years. They released three albums before splitting up in 1977 – albums that made them one of the most mysterious and legendary of all the spiritual cosmic jazz collectives of the early 70s.

Reunion? Re-Incarnation!!!

2007 it came to a highly energetic reunion, boosting their trademark sound of massive afro-centric drums & percussion meeting ecstatic group improvisations. The Pyramids’ extensive European tours in 2010/11 turned out to be a great triumph: mesmerizing audiences at various clubs and festivals all over Europe with a new sound and a new band configuration featuring founding members Idris Ackamoor and Kimathi Asante, original member Bradie Speller, and special guest artists Kenneth Nash and Kash Killion.

“Wow – what a show they put on!”
Gilles Peterson

The collective received rave reviews and standing ovations in every city they played in. They also blew Gilles Peterson’s mind at WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL and the WORLDWIDE AWARDS where The Pyramids’ spiritual and musical leader, Idris Ackamoor was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In summer 2011 The Pyramids were recording tracks for a new double album (the first since 1976!) at the studio of Krautrock legends Faust in South Germany.

“We were way ahead of our time, so we decided to let time catch up”
Idris Ackamoor


The new album contains 14 never before released tracks. The Pyramids’ signature sound is still percussion driven, no surprise with Nash and Speller being two of the most masterful percussionists on the planet. Another signature style of The Pyramids is the “two bass” concept combining Kash Killion’s acoustic bass with electric bass by Thomas “Kimathi Asante” Williams. Ancient funk. Idris Ackamoor plays his alto sax in an absolutely astonishing way, sometimes simultaneously performing tap dance to create percussive rhythms, “suggesting a post-be-bop Prince” as the NY Times called him.

The Pyramids trip out into unexplored territory of spontaneous improvisation, sometimes trance like off to an outer inner space journey. They play to make music fire! “Otherworldly reminds of a giant insect colony on another planet doing a collective mating dance.”

The Pyramids were world music even before the term was coined back in the early 70’s. They use a battery of ethnic instruments you’ll probably never heard of like mbira, calypso boxes, Russian zither, West African bolong, Egyptian sensemia harp, pygmy whistle,.. But they don’t play them trying to duplicate the authentic African music but use them in a way that the music does sound almost otherworldly: “We want to play music that is original and full of imagination; completely boundless.”

Past, Present & Future

THE PYRAMIDS ­­­­­­­­­­are truly at one with their art: Like Sun Ra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago they are part of the original movement from the 70s, but also part of the present and the future: Unique avant-garde exploring the musical roots of their African ancestors as well as looking forward to an otherworldly future in outer-space.

“Their spiritual mix of free jazz, ethnic authenticity and street funk remains remarkably untouched.”
Financial Times – London

Schlachthofbronx – Dirty Dancing

Schlachthofbronx - Dirty Dancing
Format: 2×12″ + CD / CD / T-Shirt w/ Downloadcode

DB160 | Indigo 96368-1/2


01 Slowine

02 No Es Un Juego ft. Doubla J

03 Agwaso

04 Touch Your Toes ft. Natalie Storm

05 Apizaco

06 That Gstring Track

07 One Hand ft. Puppetmastaz & Doubla J

08 Singstar ft.Gnucci Banana

09 Waistline

10 Dickie Riddim ft. Warrior Queen

11 Every Day Of The Week ft. DJ Assault

12 Copenhagen



DIRTY DANCINGSchlachthofbronx are still living in laid-back Munich and doing the thing they like most: Producing highly danceable bass music. In this respect, nothing has changed. But since their debut album in 2009, Schlachthofbronx started touring almost non stop: Clubs & festivals all over Europe, supporting M.I.A. as well as solo tours in the US, Canada and Mexico. Be it between Melt, Roskilde, SXSW or Sonar, by now Schlachthofbronx could probably also run pro workshops in travel efficiency.However, all this travelling did not keep them from putting out new tracks on a regular basis. Alone in 2011 four new Schlachthofbronx EPs were released (on Mad Decent, Mixpak and Man Recordings), plus plenty of remixes. Their tracks work as good on Ibiza as they do on the almighty BBC radio. No wonder top DJs can’t keep their hands off as well: Crookers, Toddla T, Rob Da Bank, Diplo, Radioclit/TheVeryBest, Laidback Luke, Mistajam, Mr. Oizo, Annie Mac, you name it. Even the tour DJ of Katy Perry includes Schlachthofbronx in his sets…Anyway, let’s talk about the new album.DIRTY DANCE MUSIC You may call it Booty Bass or just ”dirty dance music“. Influences are Ghettotek, Juke, UK Bass, Cumbia, Dancehall/Reggae etc. So basically, as always, a wonderful eclectic mix of styles. Compared to the debut album, Schlachthofbronx opened up even more to different styles, sometimes even leaning towards techno – and most obviously got more versatile when it comes to the tempo. Forget about the cliché 128bpm club tempo dogma. Everyone is just talking about it, Schlachthofbronx are doing it. Why not play different tempi in the club? Why not wildly mix Baltimore, Dancehall, Tecno Brega, Juke and Rave?

Dirty Dancing is dance music with heavy bass and the occasional explicit lyrics. But under no circumstance mistake this with dull testosterone fun rave. Its main aim is to bring people (and sexes) together to just have a party and dance.

In times in which everyone and their mothers put some Cumbia in their tracks, pioneers like Schlachthofbronx are already seven steps ahead and experiment in their studio basement to see which other styles could work together.

Techno Cumbia? Surf Bounce? Ukulele Bass?

The opening track is probably not something you would have expected from Schlachthofbronx in the first place. Is it Techno Cumbia? Slowine is coming slow, but heavy. Especially on the bottom end. Juego with its outrageous pop appeal reminds you a little bit of Brazilian Tecno Brega. And the old school Surf drums on Agwaso alone could be the starting point to a whole new subgenre: Surf Bounce. Between that there’s the ukulele track Apizaco, a hommage to a quite small town in Mexico (19° 25′ N, 98° 9′ W) where Bene & Jakob played the very same tune for the first time, which instantly went off  quite well. That Gstring Track is an absolute live killer, which gets spun by people like Modeselektor if they want the club to explode. Waistline is another Ghettotek/Booty bomb, and Touch Your Toes mixes Dancehall with tiny bits of Electro and some DnB drums and loops. The closing track Copenhagen is another slower paced track in typical Moombahton tempo – although being no Moombahton at all.

„Singstar dont make you a singerrrr!“

As expected Schlachthofbronx present a lot of different vocal guests on this album: Old friends like Doubla J (Juego) and Gnucci Banana (Singstar) as well as two Jamaican female artists:

Natalie Storm has always been an artist Schlachthofbronx wanted to collaborate with, now finally it has worked out to do a track together. She not only has a great flow, but also she’s the author of an essay series called „Punany Monologues“

To have Warrior Queen (you may know her from Poison Dart w/ The Bug) voicing Dickie Riddim was a great honour as well. Jakob & Bene are huge fans, or, speakin in their own  words: „ Flow is wicked. Dutty as fuck. Dance pon di dickie.“

It was in Geneva where Schlachthofbronx met Puppetmastaz and instantly got interviewed by their puppets, and after that cleverly managed to work out the collaboration One Hand.

And boy-o-boy, this guy appearing on the new album as well really is the icing on the cake: DJ Assault, King of Booty Bass (NOT GHETTOTEK!)

“On November 15, 2008, Assault officially declared to Detroit at a event that he does not represent Ghetto Tech and never did. He describes his sound as Booty Bass…”

Every Day Of The Week could be a classic „Ass n Titties“ Sex Rap track, astonishingly  without having to beep one single word. Schlachthofbronx created a rather „unorthodox“ Booty Bass version out of it.

More on one album is just not possible.

CONSOLE – Herself Remixes

Console - Herself Remixes


Mono - Console



DB158  |  Indigo 96370-6


#A1  leaving a century – marek hemann remix
#A2  a homeless ghost – wareika’s human harmonizer remix
#B1  cutting time – dirty doering remix
#B2  bit for bit – douglas greed feat. mooryc remix


That’s what Console mastermind Martin Gretschmann thought when he asked some artists – for whom he had done some remixes before (under his alter ego Acid Pauli) – to do some rework on the last Console opus “Herself” (DB156). So these remixes aren’t anaemic contract works, but new interpretations solely created by friends and buddies highly appreciated – personally and artisticly! The results speak for themselves!

Marek Hemmann is a gatherer of sounds and noises. Socialised by techno parties in his home town Gera, he refined and improved his sets from which grew the distinctive Marek Hemmann sound; a sound with a minimum on technique but rather a very wide diversity of noise and tonal sensibility. A funky minimal techno with plenty of space for other musical elements. Always on the search for the perfect groove and catchy melodies which fit snug and comfy in the ear. Since 2005 Marek Hemmann lives in Jena where his home, studio and label are in the immediate vicinity. After innumerable remixes and a handful of singles, in fall 2009 his debut album “In Between” has been published on the label Freude am Tanzen.

Douglas Greed lives in Jena and is Hemmann’s label mate on the famous Freude am Tanzen label. The Bauhaus alumnus and enthusiastic music lover has released a considerable number of releases on straightforward labels like Combination, Lebensfreude, Kindisch, Infiné, Dekadent, Ostwind, Acker and of course Freude am Tanzen, as well as several remixes. In 2011 he presented his debut album „KRL” on Freude Am Tanzen. His principal: Be curious and surprise your audience as well as yourself.

The more than likeable Hamburg based triumvirat Wareika names artists like Sun Ra, Scientist and Fela Kuta being a big influence. Smells like perfectly matching Console’s taste of music, too! Martin Gretschmann is very sure that Wareika – if not splitting up before – will soon become big techno stars. Wareika travel a lot from America to Japan. Well, no big surprise: Henrik Raabe, Jakob Seidensticker und Florian Schirmacher belong to the rather rare species of electronic live acts generating their sound in both – an organic and an electronic way.

Dirty Doering is probably best known for his hit release “I Would” on the bar25 label. Born in Leipzig in 1978, but grew up in the Black Forest in southern Germany. He started DJing professionally at the age of 19, and soon followed his career to Berlin. He rose quickly as a part of the club and underground scene in Berlin, and soon the most influential locations such as “BAR25” (resident), “Watergate”, “Tresor”, “Club 103”, “Arena”, “HomeSweetHome”, “Bachstelzen”, “Rote Sonne”, “Maria” and “Weekend” became the places to frequently see Dirty Doering playing his sexy electronic dance sound. Performances of his interpretation of the Berlin sound followed at the “Fusion” and “Melt!” festivals (Germany), Studio88 (France), Nadsat (Kopenhagen), “Fabric” (London), “Sonar” Festival (Spain),”Klubbers Day” (Madrid) and many more international locations and events. He has created remixes for artists such as Housemeister, Oliver Koletzki, Chilly Gonzales, Nicone, Console, Bonaparte, and more.

STEREO TOTAL – Underwater Love Soundtrack

Stereo Total - Underwater Love
Stereo Total - Underwater Love

Underwater Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Stereo Total Underwater Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Stereo Total


Format: Limited LP

(limited to 500 vinyls, numbered)
DB157  |  Indigo 96033-1


A01  Kappa Theme
A02  Fish Factory
A03  Kappa Appears
A04  Kappa In Love
A05  Kappa Works In The Factory
A06  Kappa Sex
A07  Kappa Interferes*
A08  Searching The Kappa
A09  Kappa & The God Of Death
A10  Kappa Alone

B01  The Escape
B02  In The Woods
B03  The Kappa Family
B04  Fight w/ The God Of Death*
B05  Death Of The Kappa
B06  Kappa Disappears*
B07  Loveletter
B08  The Dance Of All Characters
B09  Kappa-Pa Endtitel

* exclusively composed for this soundtrack.

Our beloved French electro-poppers STEREO TOTAL provided this toe-tapping, kitschy bubblegum soundtrack to Shinji Imaokas “UNDERWATER LOVE”, a weird yet wonderful pinku musical about the love between a woman and a kappa.

UNDERWATER LOVE – A PINK MUSICAL ist anders als alles, was es bisher im Kino zu sehen gab. Die erste eigene Produktion des Filmlabels Rapid Eye Movies entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Pink-Film-Veteran Shinji IMAOKA, Kamerastar Christopher Doyle, der durch unzählige Wong Kar-wai-Filme berühmt wurde, und dem Berliner Elektropop-Duo Stereo Total.




Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppie Kids – Belly Full Of Pills EP

Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppie Kids - Belly Full Of Pills EP
Schlachthofbronx feat. Slush Puppie Kids - Belly Full Of Pills EP 

Belly Full of Pills (feat. Slush Puppy Kids) - EP - Schlachthofbronx

Format: EP

DB151EP | Indigo


01. Belly full of pills
02. Too high
03. Belly full of pills (russ heffner remix)
04. Belly full of pills (dj manaia remix)

Schlachthofbronx are a bunch of three guys (live at least a two tag team) based in Munich, Bavaria. The home of Schlachthofbronx is to be found in the heart of the city, between the goods yard, the slaughterhouse (hence the name Schlachthofbronx) where business takes place all night long. Here originates Munich Bass, a dirty hybrid of African Kuduro, South American Cumbia, Carribean Soca /Dancehall, Brazilian Baile Funk, Cape Verdian Funana, American Bootybass, UK Dubstep – and Bavarian Schranz!

Schlachthofbronx is not just a tongue twister to the makers of anglo hipster blogs. The fact that three Krauts shamelessly mix African, Latin & Carribean Beats with every single form of  Bass music has caused confusion – long before a single offical track has been released! Not enough, Schlachthofbronx go totally insane and hybridise even that weird stuff again with Balkan Brass and cross-grained traditional Bavarian “Volksmusik”. A sick mixture nobody else has ever tried before. No surprise that in the meantime countless blogs, fader mag and even people like Sinden, DJ Rupture, Haaksman, Buraka Som Sistema and Diplo have become Schlachthofbronx fans:


This EP is an appetizer for the upcoming self-titled debut album of Schlachthofbronx coming in September. The Belly EP combines 4 tracks (digital even 2 bonus tracks on top). Part of the EP are the Slush Puppy Kids – the “next big thing from South Africa”. Slush Puppy Kids are Big Space und Spoek Mathambo – Spoek is also known for being the rapper of Sweat X and Playdoe. Talking about Playdoe: Schlachthofbronx will play 2 shows together with them in South Africa in November! Cause the Munich guys love to tour a lot bringing their hyperactive live set to the club kids all around the globe. Traveling is the basis for friendship and great collabos. And that’s exactly how they met Portugese DJ Manaia who did an exclusive remix for the EP. And goin back to Bavaria – the Discotrash remix (one of the 2 digital bonus tracks) was created in the lovely Bavarian county Oberpfalz!

Schlachthofbronx themselves describe their music as “subtle sounds different!”. Or as they told a famous German newspaper: it’s “like a rhino in a bumper car”. Primitive and pumping. Celebrating a musical clash of cultures without stepping into the folklore–trap. Their fans play vuvuzelas and rave sirens, keep on bootyshakin’ and towelshakin’ like Bafana Bafana has just won the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010. Or in other words: At Ghettorave everybody puts his cultural background into the mixer and Schlachthofbronx pushes the start button. A Cosmopolitan Volksfest.

This Belly Full Of Pills EP is followed by the self-titled, full length Schlachthofbronx debut album in September 2009 on Disko B. So keep on watchin – more to come soon!

GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN -The Number of the Beat

GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN - The Number of the Beat
GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN - The Number of the Beat 

Gebrüder Teichmann - The Number Of The Beat

2 x 12”  | CD (DigiPak)
DB149 | 149CD
Indigo#:    2 x 12″ 90514-6 | CD 90514-2
Release Date: September 21st 2007


01. Auftakt
02. Un Bug (feat. Alice)
03. Interregio
04. Dance And More (Album Version)
05. Zwischenspiel
06. 606 (The Number Of The Beat)
07. Intermezzo
08. Minimal Scheissegal (feat. Alice)
09. Hoplahop
10. Nick
11. Karacho
12. So Dance (feat. Alice)
13. Start
14. Whateverman
15. Moog Interlude
16. Romy (feat. Martin Haygis)
17. Jodel
18. Offset
19. Knarz V
20. Inviolata Version
21. Extro


Gebrüder Teichmann on Disko B! Subsequent to the outstanding succes of the Yesternight EP (ranked 25 in the Groove Charts; Hot Shots DCC), the Berlin based exile-Bavarians, “Festplatten” label runners and musical globetrotters  finally bless us with their first album “The Number Of The Beat”. For over eight years they have been effectually operating their label Festplatten and exploring the world (Europe, Sibiria, Japan, South America and Middle East) in order to perform and to spin records. They moved from Regensburg to Berlin, released on Kompakt and as beigeGt members on L’Age D’or. Now they’ve spotted a new home in their old homeland. Finding Upstart as their new label boss meant meeting somebody whom they had known for over ten years at that time. During the old days at Munichs legendary Ultraschall, where Andi and Hannes went to as young ravers and became residents later,  they had experienced a lot together. For this reason they put their phenomenal debut album in the hands of Disko B. During their versatile rocking DJ- and live-sets, the passion and enthusiasm for music can always be felt. As their father is a jazz saxophonist, “handmade” music had always been a serious influence on their music.But which number is the one of the beat now? According to the Teichmanns point of view there are many. On the one side the number is a result of analogue drum machines and on the other it’s the consequence of  unwarped music making. And therefore quite differing facettes can be heared on their album. Let’s take the collaborations with Chanteuse Alice Clement, who figures out a glitch in the matrix (“Un Bug”) with unbending energy, only to battle the uninspired Berlin minimal hype with the bone dry track “Minimal Scheißegal” and at least suggests the audience to dance to death with the poppy “So Dance”, or the already released rave monster “Dance & More” on Speicher, which obtains an even bigger brother with “Karacho”. Of course beigeGT singer Martin Haygis can’t be missed, even if he would rather be Alain Delon on the joyfully clicking and roaring “Romy”. “Offset” provides even more deepness and the title track claims very funky and discoesquely that 606 is meant to be “The Number Of The Beat”. Still the beat exhibits a whole lotta different numbers, smoother and less per minute.: “Nick” brings the waltz back to electronic music, “Whateverman” gets delighted by the sun shining on his belly and swims on fat bass beats, accompanied by cello and guitar on the waves of tape delays. “Inviolata” is truly based on a motette of Guilaume de Machant from the 14th century. Nevertheless everything matches perfectly…



Gebrüder Teichmann - Yesternight

Format: 12″

DB148  |  Indigo 90206-6
UPC: 8 80918 01486 9
Release Date: June 01st 2007



Gebrüder Teichmann on Disko B! The Berlin based exil-Bavarians, “Festplatten” label-chiefs and musical-worldtravelers Andi & Hannes Teichmann, jack us right back on the dancefloor with their upcoming pre – album – e.p. “Yesternight”. Since 8 years they´ve been successfully running their recordlabel “Festplatten” and been playing the world (Europe, Siberia, Japan, South America and Middle East) as DJs and Live-Act. They moved from Regensburg to Berlin, released on Kompakt and as part of the band beigeGT (well-known for the fabulous cover-version of Underground Resistance´s “Knights Of The Jaguar”) on L´age D´or. Now Hannes & Andi recovered a new home in their old homeland. With Upstart they also found a labelboss, they´ve been knowing for over 10 years and with whom they experienced a lot, back in the legendary Ultraschall days, where the Teichmann Bros. first started as young ravers and ended up as floor filling DJs. For this reason they committed their phenomenal debut album to Disko B, which will follow in September 2007. Known for their eclectic and always crowd-moving DJ- and Live-Sets, you´ll always hear and feel their love and enthusiasm for music itself. Maybe it has something to do with Uli Teichmann, who is jazz saxophonist and father of this two talents. No wonder that “handmade music” plays a big roll in their set-ups and is also a big influence to their productions. Their style is unique, a mixture of played instuments and computer, in which the computer more and more gets kind of a recording and arranging host-system for the analog park surrounded. 

Yesternight E.P.“: Due to the computer change music and after the first wave of rapture, it was just a vapid taste of casualness left in the productions, that´s why the Gebrüder Teichmann considerate on their true roots and brought back their old and dusty analog-boxes, blew away the dust and plugged in the power cords. The compositon is very classical and fuels from step-sequencers and analog-synthezisers, even an antediluvian sampler from the 80´s plays a maior part. The Sounds are mostly rough and spirited with clear reference to classic house and techno, but with both feet in the present. “Yesternight” lives on the subtle force to chain people on the dancefloor. “Startup” goes direct “…in your face!”, based on simple moog-theme and ends up in a murderous “…put your hands up in the air” – break.


Quotes for the pre-album Yesternight EP (DB148)

“Yesternight Rocks!!! Completely!” (Alex Kid, F-Communications)
“Yesternight is one hot oldschool rocker, will play it out! ” (Dave DK, Playhouse / Tresor)
“Teichis stuff is phenomenal! I played the two tracks up & down during the the last weeks… – Worldleague Oldschool Music with great taste & drive!!! – There you recognize how long these two guys have been in the game!!! – TOP!” (Mathias Kaden, Vakant)
“Phat Track. Finally a new awsome Disko B!” (Toni Rios, Cocoon Rec.)
“Yesternight”; A long groovy floundering Track with hypnotic choir attacks! Delicious!” (Len Faki, Berghain)
“…puts you right on the dancefloor!” (DE:BUG 10/07)
“…resident grooves. … assures with big beats and great humor.” (Groove Magazin 10/07)

STEREO TOTAL – Paris-Berlin

STEREO TOTAL - Paris-Berlin

STEREO TOTAL - Paris-Berlin 

Paris Berlin (Bonus Track Version) - Stereo Total

Format: CD / LP

DB147 | Indigo

01.Miss Rebellion des Hormone
02. Ich bin der Stricherjunge
03. Plastic
04. Komplex mit dem Sex
05.: Lolita Fantome
06. Küsse aus der Hölle der Musik
07. Plus minus null
08. Mehr Licht
09. Ta voix au telephone
10. Patty Hearst

„This is Punk, this  is Rock’n’Roll, this is modern Music!
After Oh Ah, Monokini, Juke-Box-Alarm, My Melody, Musique Automatique, Do The Bambi, Discothèque und Party Anticonformiste – The Bungalow Years now coming up is Stereo Total’s new record: Paris-Berlin. 

Paris-Berlin is both – a Rock’n’Roll- and a Chanson-Album. At the same time it’s more dynamic as well as more romantic than Stereo Total’s previous productions. On the CD-cover you can see Brezel Göring and Françoise Cactus shown as naked lovers. The  recordings sound very naturally and pretty ’rough’. There are no superfluous sound effects, resulting in a production evoking intimacy und warmth.
The songs are for the most part very melodic, the lyrics deal with topics like LOVE, REBELLION and NOSTALGIA.

The way from the Primitive to the Complex to the finally Simple
Why the hack do Stereo Total not only write songs like ’Liebe zu dritt’? Why don’t they just sign a deal with a major record company (stuffing them in an appropriate box, doing the usual kind of marketing and promotion)? Why don’t they play big stadiums and care about chart rankings?
”We could do that, but…“ (what follows now is ear-deafening noise from the ’Prolog’ of Einstürzende Neubauten).

Instead of all that they once more return to their roots, to Lo-Fi, 4-track recording, guitar – drums – and monophonic-synthesizer-minimalism, to their beloved ’give a shit’-attitude, humour, to subversion, to the specific Françoise-Cactus-definition of feminism and to pop music everyone and everywhere around the world understands immediately (stylistic and linguistic borders don’t exist anymore) and knows, that this kind of music does NOT have anything to do (anything) with terms like maximization of  profit(s), music industry, music television (MTV), mobile ringtones and exploitation.

Like Horses on cheap drugs
Stereo Total have constantly been on tour all around the world for the last six years: North and South America, Japan, Russia, Europe, China, Turkey.
The new record represents the concerts in a good way: minimalist electro-chansons right between Punkrock, Rock’n’Roll, Disco and New Wave, played on guitar, drums and Sampler, played by two people sounding like a hord of horses on cheap drugs. Although best-known as „Electro-Duo“ Stereo Total always used drums and guitar on stage, a rarity in most clubs the past years (where „live-set“ mainly meant CD-Playback), but Stereo Total have always played both: the clubs and the rock venues (where on the other hand apart from them – almost nobody performed with sampler and synthesizer).


ACID PAULI – Blackseat of my car

ACID PAULI - Backseat of my car

ACID PAULI - Backside of my car

Blackseat Of My Car - Acid Pauli
Format: Limited Coloured Vinyl

DB146 | Indigo MS 90113-6

UPC : 8 80918 01466 1
Release : March 30th 2007


A1 Blackseat Of My Car – Original Version
A2  Sitting On The Dog Of My Babe
B1  Blackseat Of My Car – Acid Pauli Remix

Good Enough For You are Karin Brüll and Raumschiff Engelmayr. Martin Gretschmann (aka. Acid Pauli aka. Console) met them in vienna and marked the duo as top-discovery of the year.

Karin Brüll likes it rough – not only with the sewing machine, also as musician with GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU (clarinet, vocals, perc), with the Shampoo Girls or the Konzertmusikgruppe der Schwestern Brüll. With the feministic art-group Schwestern Brüll she takes part in exhibitions and discussions, does performances and the radio-show “Das Brüllzimmer” on Radio Orange 94,0 in Vienna.

Raumschiff Engelmayr maneuvers mainly in the viennese space – driven by the solar sail. Raumschiff is musician (electric guitar, vocals, competent re beats’n’pedals) with GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, Bulbul, Fugu And The Cosmic Mumu.

For not having to plan any vacation-trips and to get one over on the patriarchal deadhead-system, Karin Brüll and Raumschiff Engelmayr founded the band GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Since 2005 they have been designing a platform for their affinity to strangeness, their eyes and ears for details, their interest in the manufacturing of exceptional instruments and their humor.

Expect impulsive beats, slammed to the ground-guitars, fe- und -male vocals plus sounds from the secret octave, generated with clarinet or axeguitar. The first fan of GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU is Martin Gretschmann. His techno alter ego ACID PAULI did a remix of the track „Blackseat Of My Car“ which will be released as maxi 12“ (DISKO B / DB146 / HAUSMUSIK / INDIGO) with the original and a second track, „Sitting On The Dog Of My Babe“. Gretschmann also invited the group as support for the march-tour of his band CONSOLE.