Pollyester – Catrina Remixes


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POLLYESTER are punk and press phenomenon, favorite band and fancier crew, disco and Dada. Even James Murphy and Alex Kapranos agree with that, and those guys should know. After the marvellous “In My Boots” EP, the collective now sends “CATRINA“, a fascination born homage to the patron saint of “Dia De Los Muertes”. During these days the band is sojourning in Puebla (Mexico), in order to ban the local rites, solemnities and to us often strangely appearing ceremonies on tape and audio. In the meantime we are listening intently to the mesmerising adaptions of those finely selected sound creators, which have been conjured for this 12″.

ABE DUQUE’s remix compresses the beats downwards, stompy, reduced NY Ghost House is the attitude. Shadowy flakes of Polly’s voice echo through the background, a 303 seeks its way to the surface, where classic disco strings are already waiting to merge in pollyphonic beatitude.

HUGO CAPABLANCA has been a preferred candidate from the start. The disco edit and cosmic dub priest breathes in a touch of Caribbean voodoo magic. Percussions are rattling bewitchingly, purposefully selected bells and a mumbling bass line drive his more melodic variation forward.

The by far most sinister version comes from THE EMPEROR MACHINE, who has interpreted the track’s underlying message in its darkest form. Functional techno, almost in a Detroit apparel, pervaded with classic electro patterns. He radiates furthest from the original and transcends the floor burner “Catrina” into a peak time moment for a dark after hour club.


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Tracklisting Digital
1. Catrina – Album Version – 04:36
2. Catrina – Abe Duque Remix – 06:46
3. Catrina – Emperor Machine Remix – 11:54
4. El Dub de la Noche – Hugo Capablanca – 05:55

Tracklisting 12″
A1. Catrina – Emperor Machine Remix – 11:54
AA1. Catrina – Abe Duque Remix – 06:46
AA2. El Dub de la Noche – Hugo Capablanca – 05:55