F.S.K – X

F.S.K - X
F.S.K - X 









Pan or Ama - Console

Format: CD | LP

Sub Up Records
Release: 3. November 2000


01. The Key Of Busta Rhymes
02. Westdeutscher Rundfunk
03. Lido
04. Romantische Strasse
05. Berliner Ensemble
06. The Charleston Maschine
07. Casino
08. Grosser Arber
09. Haus Der Kunst

Here comes the tenth studio album of F.S.K. In the 20 years that they are around, F.S.K. (still Thomas Meinecke, Michaela Melián, Justin Hoffmann, Wilfried Petzi and Carl Oesterhelt) have time and again been good for musical surprises. Their uncompromising ways have sometimes even offened their fans, while making others especially interested in their music. They are still the most invited non-english band to attend Peel-sessions and are one of the few german bands besides Can who were granted an entry in a book called the „Unknown Legends of Rock’N’Roll“. After exploring a musical territory somewhere between No Wave and Country, they have discovered their love for electronic music and its repetitive sound-structures since their Disko B 12‘‘ „4 Instrumentals“.With their tenth regular studio album „X“ they are following a path layed out on 1998‘s “Tel Aviv”. F.S.K. again redefine the roles music and lyrics have so far played for them and all that is actually left of „lyrics“ are the song titles, if at all sung by the band in a choir (!) (imagine them singing titles like „The Key Of Busta Rhymes“ or „Haus der Kunst“!). So „X“ has become an almost instrumental album which can be connected to current trends of instrumental band music on labels like Payola, Kranky or Thrill Jockey. For the second time, they’ve teamed up with the producer Mario Thaler in the Uphon Studio in Weilheim.