F.S.K – International

F.S.K - International
F.S.K - International 

Format: CD

SUBCD28 | Indigo

Tracklisting CD/LP:
01. Roxy Munich
02. Die Kaiser Wilhelm
03. El Pastor Aleman
04. Olympiaturm ’72
05. I Want Out Of The Circus
06. El Pit Bull
07. She Acts Like A Woman Should
08. Mark Twain In Heidelberg
09. Mein Kubano Girl
10. The Moog Banjo Revival
11. Euro-Trash Girl
12. Karl-Eduard Von Schnitzler Polka
13. When Amish Go Bad
14. Amon Düül Diskographie
15. Das Schlechteste Land Der Welt
16. Jane Fonda Lied
17. Josh’s Melodica Intermezzo
18. Dachshund Walzer
19. To The Other Woman
20. 1+1=3
21. Medley [Was Kostet Die Welt / Kleiner Polizist]
22. Roxy Munich 2

FSK is a German band. Their original artnik/punk sound (ca. 1980) mutated into a twisted take on oompah-heavy Bavarian roots music –and its bastard stylistic offspring, American country & western; their ever-evolving sound currently folds lo-fi electronica into the mix. Along this iconoclastic route they’ve collected David Lowery (of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven) as a charter member; he plays/sings on and produced “International.” With this, only their 2nd US release ever, they blur both border and gender lines with their sharp cross-cultural wit. 

“An anarchic hybrid of beerhall bonhomie and Camper Van Beethoven-style avant-folk sport.”
“FSK re-appropriates American roots music of European extraction, then electrifies it with fuzzy guitars, cheap organs, and rude brass.”
Lien, CMJ
“…FSK is that band in a thousand that has the smarts to poke fun at everything (including themselves), and the musical clout to make it work.”