STEREO TOTAL – Do the Bambi

STEREO TOTAL - Do the Bambi

STEREO TOTAL - Do the Bambi

Do the Bambi - Stereo Total

Format: CD/LP

DB130 | Indigo


1. Babystrich
2. Do the Bambi
3. Ich bin nackt
4. Cinémania
5. Vive le week-end
6. Das erste Mal
7. La douce humanité
8. Les Lapins
9. Hunger !
10. Ne m’appelle pas ta biche
11. Orange mécanique
12. Tas de tôle
13. Europa neurotisch
14. Partymädchen, gefoltert
15. Cannibale
16. Helft mir
17. Mars Rendezvous (with Jacno)
18. Troglodyten
19.Chelsea Girls

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely,more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

Finally! Three years after the world success of “Musique Automatique” (on Labels/EMI and Kill Rock Stars in the US) the berlin duo STEREO TOTAL are back. Let’s shortly quote the list of references for their first five albums that also influence this sixth album which celebrates their 10th birthday : «40{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} Chanson, 20{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} R’n’R, 10{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} Punkrock, 3{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} DAF-Sequenzer, 4{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} Jacques Dutronc-Rhythmique, 7{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, 1,5{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} Cosmonaute, 10{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} really old synthesizers, 10{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} 8-bit Amiga-sampling, 10{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} transistor amplifier, 1{52683dc5cfbdd8b3430c87738b6fd8a1b6d250070828804dc6c6f79ba8206849} really expensive and advanced instruments» … «Yéyétronic, electropunky, kitsch & speed, sissilistening, bricolopop, Berliner juke-box»…«a minimalistic production (in a positive sense), meaning a home-made-trash-garage-sound crossed with underground, authentic as well as amateurish, ironic as well as effective, pop as well as … political.»
And in addition children (and the punks and the young fashion victims and the male and female dreamers of each kind and from each country) love this music.

It has taken STERO TOTAL a while this time, but finally here is “Do The Bambi” and a whole lot to hear with 19 new tracks. STEREO TOTAL is still this french-german Garage-Rockabilly Electronic/Non-Electronic duo consisting of Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring.
We know about Brezel that he never sleeps, takes no drugs, neither drinks coffee nor alcohol and got two illegitimate children. He prides himself to have a truck driver’s taste in women. That is not true however because his girlfriend is Françoise Cactus, novelist, artist, who wrote 23 books and is a highly paid feature writer. She comes from the “Girl Garage” and “Psychedelic”-Era of the 80ies, he is considered to be “experimental”.

Where was the album recorded? In the rehearsal space and in the bedroom. The two have recorded everything on their own: to ask people for advice is in general pretty unnecessary. They nevertheless followed the wise instructions of their producer Cem Oral (which we know from Air Liquide): “Don’t give up before you are finished!” The result is Homerecording-Folk in a highly dematrialized world but (quoting Brezel Göring): “ We want to have at least as much technology, that we can hate technology”.
So what are the results? “Artificial Girls Music”?, romanticism, anarchy, happiness and mourning. Intimate, intense, amusing, agitating, furious, explosive.

STERO TOTAL – caught in a vicious circle of maximum speed and “J’aime les grandes émotions” – which leads again to even more speed and emotions.
So what is special about this album? Judging the record by its cover it is a mixture of kitsch and being fucked up. A lot of the record is about film-history and the longing for love

“Do The Bambi” means something like “Show the beautiful eyes beneath your long lashes and rescue me from the inferno of my ego in this sad and mean world!”