Apr 122016

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Coverart-Oesterhelt-Enders-1500px“The Anatomy of Melancholy” is the second co-operation of the German multi-instrumentalist and composer Carl Oesterhelt, and jazz-saxophonist Johannes Enders. Oesterhelt – drummer with the band F.S.K. – has been making appearances as theatre-musician at the Münchner Kammerspiele, the Thalia Theater Hamburg, and the Schauspiel Köln, as well as festivals like the Ruhrtriennale, or the Festwochen Wien. His composition in between classical music, new music, and pop is faced with the academically trained Johannes Enders, who has a professorship for jazz-saxophone at Leipzig University. After a recommendation from Coltrane-bassist Reggie Workman he studied in New York with Dave Liebman and Jerry Bergzoni before he, in the 1990s, founded the Tied & Tickled Trio with the Notwist-members Micha and Markus Acher, Andreas Gerth, Caspar Brandner, and Ulrich Wangenheim. He also performs with his own quartet, with Rebekka Bakken, amongst others.

www.johannes-enders.com | www.carlofashion.de | www.the-society-of-dilettanti.com


Johannes Enders (Tenorsaxophon), Joerg Widmoser (Violine), Winfried Zrenner (Violine), Andreas Höricht (Viola), Jost H. Hecker (Violoncello), Ulrich Wangenheim (Querflöte), Stefan Schreiber (Bassklarinette), Micha Acher (Trompete), Mathias Goetz (Posaune), Carl Oesterhelt (Electronic Tabla, Electronic Tanpura, Analog-Synthesizer, Schlagwerk, Indisches Harmonium)

Oct 292015

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POLLYESTER are punk and press phenomenon, favorite band and fancier crew, disco and Dada. Even James Murphy and Alex Kapranos agree with that, and those guys should know. After the marvellous “In My Boots” EP, the collective now sends “CATRINA“, a fascination born homage to the patron saint of “Dia De Los Muertes”. During these days the band is sojourning in Puebla (Mexico), in order to ban the local rites, solemnities and to us often strangely appearing ceremonies on tape and audio. In the meantime we are listening intently to the mesmerising adaptions of those finely selected sound creators, which have been conjured for this 12″.

ABE DUQUE’s remix compresses the beats downwards, stompy, reduced NY Ghost House is the attitude. Shadowy flakes of Polly’s voice echo through the background, a 303 seeks its way to the surface, where classic disco strings are already waiting to merge in pollyphonic beatitude.

HUGO CAPABLANCA has been a preferred candidate from the start. The disco edit and cosmic dub priest breathes in a touch of Caribbean voodoo magic. Percussions are rattling bewitchingly, purposefully selected bells and a mumbling bass line drive his more melodic variation forward.

The by far most sinister version comes from THE EMPEROR MACHINE, who has interpreted the track’s underlying message in its darkest form. Functional techno, almost in a Detroit apparel, pervaded with classic electro patterns. He radiates furthest from the original and transcends the floor burner “Catrina” into a peak time moment for a dark after hour club.


Tracklisting Digital
1. Catrina – Album Version – 04:36
2. Catrina – Abe Duque Remix – 06:46
3. Catrina – Emperor Machine Remix – 11:54
4. El Dub de la Noche – Hugo Capablanca – 05:55

Tracklisting 12″
A1. Catrina – Emperor Machine Remix – 11:54
AA1. Catrina – Abe Duque Remix – 06:46
AA2. El Dub de la Noche – Hugo Capablanca – 05:55

Mar 202015

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Mar 032015

After the mindblowing record release party at the Kammerspiele Theatre in Munich, Pollyester have announced their tourdates for the upcoming months, including venues all over Germany, in Paris and at the MELT festival:

12.02. Zürich, Penthouse Gallery
14.02. Darmstadt, Foyer im Staatstheater
20.02. Mannheim, Nationaltheater Werkhaus
21.02. Murnau, Westtorhalle
28.02. München, Kammerspiele
05.03. Paris, Gibus
11.03. Dresden, Altes Wettbüro
12.03. Leipzig, Goldhorn
13.03. Kassel, Unten
14.03. Essen, Hotel Shanghai
27.03. Hamburg, Nachtasyl
28.03. Hamburg, MS Stubnitz
04.04. Stuttgart, Rampe
27.04. Linz, Crossing all Europe Festval
30.04. Nürnberg, K4
29.05. Hamburg, Golem
13.06. Berlin, Bassy Club, Torstrassen Festival
27.06. Innsbruck, Das Grand Motel Festival
16.07. Gräfenhainichen, Melt
18.07. Puch, Puch Open Air Festival
Feb 042015

I warned you all about this incoming storm.

The new Pollyester album is flying through the atmosphere like a storm of pink and gold glitter. It gets on everything. There’s something properly addictive about this album. It’s shiny. It’s glossy. It’s catchy as hell. It’s stand-alone pieces of perfection that are joined together by The Polly Effect (that wind of wordy melodies that counter-attack strong riffs and rhythms).

The beginning of the album is a slap in the face. The first three songs are basically candidates to make a new Concierge d’Amour coup d’état. I hope people pick up on the construction of 2328626 and the proper perfection of In My Boots. It’s such a fantastic sound…  Then we have Father’s eyes, which has such great You are Amen nostalgia in it…

*super cheesy scratching sound of interrupted vinyl lecture*

Ok you know what? I’ll stop comparing City of O to the first two albums, right now. It’s easy and not very clever, considering how different the eponymous album and Earthly Powers are.

Let’s do a Pollyester recap, shall we? Three albums, three ways of mixing colours together.

Pollyester by Pollyester (the yellow album, as I affectionnately call it) is all about jazz and crazy basslines and playfulness. It’s very punky, in a way. It doesn’t care what you think. How does it mixes colours? It’s a light show. Bold gestures of saturated colours bouncing together to generate lighter hues. Dark zones that grasp your attention and surexposition. The key to generating beauty is in the timing, the beautiful accidents and how a black-out (or a silence) can lead to the punchline, sometimes.

Earthly Powers is all about slapping you in the face with puns-based clever poems, while its music caresses you. The production of the album itself is way more complex, leaving room for kick-ass add-ons (djembe parties, chords, and all that jazz). How does it mixes colours? It takes coloured liquids of different densities, put them in a glass jar, shakes its content and watch as starlike speckles of liquid flirt with one another and slowly soften into clean lines.

City of O… is a different level of playfulness. It’s matured. It’s years and years of party craze and experience. It’s dance hits meet cosmic ballads, but glossier. There’s an addictive agent in this album. So, this one, how does it mixes colours? It’s watercolours, of course. Sharp experimented lines that are blended together with expertise to reveal a very well-planned realism and beauty.

Could City of O be the album of the Golden Age of Pollyester? I hope this album makes it big enough that people learn of Pollyester through it, and then go back in history and discover the other two albums. That would be awesome. It’s a beautiful Triptych. (Source: Émilie Gendron / http://munichagain.tumblr.com/)

Dec 112014

Watch the brand new Pollyester video here:

The song “Change Hands” is the first release from the upcoming Pollyester album “City of O.” which will be dropped January, 30th 2015 via Disko B/Schamoni Musik!

Oct 272014

Flug 8 Trans AtlantikEver since his childhood, Daniel Herrmann knows of the endless wide of this world, the shimmering of the ocean beneath the plane’s wings and the view from a perspective that has always been connected to something timeless, eternal and elevated. Growing up above the clouds as a flight captain’s and a stewardess’ son, he spent a large part of his life travelling and collecting impressions which he should give expression to on different levels during the following years.

Looking back it seems like his musical career was destined to be. His grandfather was an organ builder. Hardly a single room where not one of these instruments stood, on which he was already strumming ardently in his younger years. Phases in Punk, Heavy and Krautrock Bands followed and consequently the first synthesizers. A project in art school, a combination of old Super 8 recordings from his parents and his own material, gave birth to his artist name Flug 8.

His second love belongs to photography. The feeling for the right moment, the intimate instant, he proved inter alia in the photo project “12×672”- a cooperation with Tobias Thomas. At the famous techno club Robert Johnson not only the photography ban was cancelled for him, he even met Acid Pauli after a long evening studio session. “A little nightcap” was followed by the first 12” “Taunus” in 2008 and the barely apprehended album “Lösch dein Profil” in 2009, both on Acid Pauli’s Smaul imprint. Another highlight surely was the year on tour together with the Red Hot Chili Peppers whose first live LP he configured with his photo shots.  These are only a few of the cornerstones Herrmann chiselled his initials in.

And now, his debut on Disko B records: “Trans Atlantik” is way more than a collection of tracks, it is the pure essence of all these images, impressions and emotions Daniel Herrmann gathered during the sometimes endless and lonely hours of travelling. “Zeitraffer”, “Trans Atlantik” and “Android” are reminiscent to important electronic labels like Sky or Brain and stand in tradition of great artists like Klaus Schulze or Kraftwerk, without remaining in the past, but looking straight forward into the future. One highlight is the cooperation with N.U. Unruh, who not only hammered the fitting sounds in for the Einstürzende Neubauten but also for “Musik aus Metall”. As a result from the collaboration with the Danish Artist Kristina Kristoffersen aka Mono Girl we receive the fragile electro pop beauty “Watch Me Grow” and the Gothic Hymn “On A Spear”. Of course, his signature sound in shape of krauty-housy techno is not to be missed- the dancefloor is shaking under the influence of “Konsumprodukt” and “Zukunft”. If there is a constant in the Disko B Universe, then it is broadening the label family with unique artists, and we are more than proud to get aboard of Flug 8 in order to start on a trip into the unknown together with him. Sky’s the limit!

Oct 272014

COS-ARTSTRAVAGANZA-300dpiGlobetrotting performance, art, music, fashion and new media provocateurs Chicks on Speed (Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan) are back with their genre-defying and shape-shifting full-lenght album Artstravaganza.

Artstravaganza is Chicks on Speed’s innovative perspective on the current collision between analog and digital worlds. Their songs lie at the cutting edges of activism and media-pop-art, where the digital world embraces the hand made, rough and spontaneous, interlacing the programmed, the multi-layered and delicious data scapes, where sloganeering leads us through to time rippling via a stop in a self-made utopia and the strobe light stays on.

The album includes musical contributions from a diverse range of collaborators, such as Australian journalist and activist JULIAN ASSANGE, artist and musician YOKO ONO, 60’s performance artist and director of ZKM PETER WEIBEL, Philanthropist, TBA21 chairman and pop star princess FRANCESCA VON HABSBURG, Singaporean artist ANGIE SEAH, long time Chicks on Speed collaborator ANAT BEN DAVID and the students of Interface Cultures lab, University of Art and Design, Linz.

With ARTSTRAVAGANZA and six associated iPad apps, Chicks on Speed seek to overcome a separation of art forms and genres for an integrated artistic approach, influenced by the group’s multidisciplinary artistic research to date, which encompases sound, science, body-centric art performance, interactive technology and objectinstruments (new interfaces for musical expression). Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan engage collective strategies as well as radical approaches to making work which demonstrate their ethos of the Utopian Gesamtkunstwerk (all encompasing artwork). Chicks on Speed have presented their sensorial audio-visual pieces at museums including MoMA in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in Sydney, Centre Pompidou in Paris and 55th Venice Biennale.


UTOPIA, the first single of the album, was released worldwide on July, 3rd 2014 along with three remixes.