SYLVESTERBOY – Monsters Rule This World

SYLVESTERBOY - Monsters rule this World
SYLVESTERBOY - Monsters rule this World

Pan or Ama - Console


Format: CD

COSR003CD | Indigo
Release: 26.10.2000

Tracklisting CD
1. our power is louder
2. monsters rule this world
3. helping hand
4. independence is no solution
5. bastardokratia
6. money eyes
1. power macho
2. sylvester boy (ww.toy)
3. vote future
4. i can mash you
5. sylvester boy (art school)
6. don`t bring my body…….

It`s true: He is the “SylvesterBoy”Sylvester Boy is the future sound of the past !
He is the sexy bomber for the U.S.A. !
A psycho fighter night and day !
Embryo don`t cry- monkey humans die !
He is the monster, ruling this world !
He don`t drink banana juice !
Fighting against Bastardokratia !Sylvester Boy is the way of success !
He is in a disco party war !
His power is louder !
Future cop ! Robo frog !
Sylvester Boy is the top model on motor way !
Sylvester boy is the only solution for modern babies !!
Cyber elephant know, always what to do !
You can`t eat freedom ! Wear nike !!
Boogie on fellows !!!!“Sylvester Boy is cool as monster. Like the U.S.A.”
(chicks on speed)