Kids On TV - Pantheon

Label: Chicks On Speed Records

Format: Digital Download
Release: 06. December 2013
Indigo CD 967382
UPC 8 80918 10452 2


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01. Liberace’s Lover
02. Dazzler

03. Haunted House of Rock
04. Be My Queen
05. My Own Paradis

06. Bobby
07. Cloudbusting
08. City Of Night
09. Poison (SIQMU Mix)

10. Goodbye Horses

Kids on TV’s long running portable cabaret – sampling everything from queer art history, to hard butter house and sexy critical theory – is due to get even more apocalyptically gay with their new full length release ‘Pantheon’. Combining Liberace piano drama, mutant super-hero roller-disco battles, and epic choral arrangements while celebrating the historical and fictional figures of Kids on TV’s personal and collective mythologies.

Having collaborated in the past with Boy George and Man Parrish, the Kids had help on ‘Pantheon’ from Katie Stelmanis of Austra, Shunda K of Yo Majesty, Julie Faught of The Pining, Reg Vermue of Gentleman Reg, and Diamond Rings.

Since evolving out of the same Toronto club art scene as the world famous Vazaleen parties thrown by the late artist Will Munro, Kids on TV has made short films and videos that have screened at festivals internationally and they have played 250 shows world wide at clubs, warehouses, farms, festivals and bathhouses.

The album was mastered by Bob Weston (Nirvana, Eric’s Trip, Fiery Furnaces, Junior Boys) and produced by KOTV member Minus Smile (Opera Arcana, Agnoema, Violence and the Sacred).



The song Liberace’s Lover is about the plastic surgery Liberace paid for on his chauffeur and lover Scott Thorson for his birthday. Thorson revealed that the surgery was to make him look like Liberace. Kids on TV’s John Caffery wrote the lyric about this years before the movie “Behind the Candelabra” and emphasized the macabre narcissisexualism of the birthday present. The band fell in love with the lyrics and wrote a song and video containing themes of plastic surgery, celebrity, closeted gay sexuality in the 60’s and 70’s, showtunes, tinsel, glitter and Las Vegas ersatz glamour. The video contains a “cast of thousands” made up of our beloved friends in Toronto’s queer / trans communities. Choreographed by the immortal Keith Cole.