CONSOLE – Herself Remixes

Console - Herself Remixes


Mono - Console



DB158  |  Indigo 96370-6


#A1  leaving a century – marek hemann remix
#A2  a homeless ghost – wareika’s human harmonizer remix
#B1  cutting time – dirty doering remix
#B2  bit for bit – douglas greed feat. mooryc remix


That’s what Console mastermind Martin Gretschmann thought when he asked some artists – for whom he had done some remixes before (under his alter ego Acid Pauli) – to do some rework on the last Console opus “Herself” (DB156). So these remixes aren’t anaemic contract works, but new interpretations solely created by friends and buddies highly appreciated – personally and artisticly! The results speak for themselves!

Marek Hemmann is a gatherer of sounds and noises. Socialised by techno parties in his home town Gera, he refined and improved his sets from which grew the distinctive Marek Hemmann sound; a sound with a minimum on technique but rather a very wide diversity of noise and tonal sensibility. A funky minimal techno with plenty of space for other musical elements. Always on the search for the perfect groove and catchy melodies which fit snug and comfy in the ear. Since 2005 Marek Hemmann lives in Jena where his home, studio and label are in the immediate vicinity. After innumerable remixes and a handful of singles, in fall 2009 his debut album “In Between” has been published on the label Freude am Tanzen.

Douglas Greed lives in Jena and is Hemmann’s label mate on the famous Freude am Tanzen label. The Bauhaus alumnus and enthusiastic music lover has released a considerable number of releases on straightforward labels like Combination, Lebensfreude, Kindisch, Infiné, Dekadent, Ostwind, Acker and of course Freude am Tanzen, as well as several remixes. In 2011 he presented his debut album „KRL” on Freude Am Tanzen. His principal: Be curious and surprise your audience as well as yourself.

The more than likeable Hamburg based triumvirat Wareika names artists like Sun Ra, Scientist and Fela Kuta being a big influence. Smells like perfectly matching Console’s taste of music, too! Martin Gretschmann is very sure that Wareika – if not splitting up before – will soon become big techno stars. Wareika travel a lot from America to Japan. Well, no big surprise: Henrik Raabe, Jakob Seidensticker und Florian Schirmacher belong to the rather rare species of electronic live acts generating their sound in both – an organic and an electronic way.

Dirty Doering is probably best known for his hit release “I Would” on the bar25 label. Born in Leipzig in 1978, but grew up in the Black Forest in southern Germany. He started DJing professionally at the age of 19, and soon followed his career to Berlin. He rose quickly as a part of the club and underground scene in Berlin, and soon the most influential locations such as “BAR25” (resident), “Watergate”, “Tresor”, “Club 103”, “Arena”, “HomeSweetHome”, “Bachstelzen”, “Rote Sonne”, “Maria” and “Weekend” became the places to frequently see Dirty Doering playing his sexy electronic dance sound. Performances of his interpretation of the Berlin sound followed at the “Fusion” and “Melt!” festivals (Germany), Studio88 (France), Nadsat (Kopenhagen), “Fabric” (London), “Sonar” Festival (Spain),”Klubbers Day” (Madrid) and many more international locations and events. He has created remixes for artists such as Housemeister, Oliver Koletzki, Chilly Gonzales, Nicone, Console, Bonaparte, and more.

Sep 292011

Due to family affairs Console could present their “Herself” album just at some rare festival events. Now they’re ready to do some more live gigs. Go there, have fun!

No shows booked at the moment.

CONSOLE – Pan Or Ama

CONSOLE - Pan Or Ama
CONSOLE - Pan Or Ama

Pan or Ama - Console

Format: CD

DB144CD | Indigo 86849-2

Tracklisting CD/LP:
01. Tunnelvision
02. Trainset
03. TheTonic
04. Darkroom
05. Display
06. DavyJonesLocker
08. Slowmotion
09. Ladybug

“Pan or ama”, the debut album of Console, published on Payola, was released long time before “Rocket In The Pocket” with the superhit “14 Zero Zero”, which had great results not only in the Indie-Charts, it also climbed our private Top-Ten. The rest is history, Martin Gretschmann, the lone operator behind Console, who sometimes lockes up a whole band behind his project, paced through many ups and precious few downs of pop-star-ism, he released five great albums … now it´s impossible to imagine the world of electronic song without him! But “Pan or ama”, of which only 1000 copies where pressed, got almost forgotten. Although this record goes right into the heart.

“Pan or ama” touches deep. An impressed record, tracks with beats which became songs after they got in touch with soft melody. Contemplative, but not tangent, far from it! The seventh track finally, without a name, breaks into a emotion-landscape as before only “Radio 4” by Public Image Ltd., on the “Second Edition” the re-release of “Metal Box”,that’s with its softness like a monolith, and on the end, with all the noise, stronger and heftier as that. You could easily put the theory that beauty begins, where irony, denial and mind get together. Well, eight years later, this record, which circles around this centre, did not loose his beauty at all.

This record is not only material for explorers, who want to find out, where this, that, our Console comes from, but also a musical melodrama for people, who not only have feelings, they have to afford them. This is cogent. Beautiful. Very very beautiful!
(Text by Jörg Sundermeier)

Sep 292010

Console, the mind-bending electrogroup behind “The Notwist” keyboard mastermind Martin Gretschmann aka Acid Pauli  announces new album on Disko B ! The album “Herself” is about to be released on Nov, 26th on Disko B Records.


Console - Mono
Console - Mono


Mono - Console

Format: CD / LP

DB140CD  |  Indigo 88000-2/1

01. City of Dog
02. To Catch a Beat
03. Foster Kane
04. Houwelandt
05. By This River
06. Formicula
07. Magnolia
08. Hibernating
09. Man with a Web Camera
10. Lost in Sensation
11. Starpower

It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s been ten years since the first 12″ from Bavarian electronica collective Console. ‘Mono’ is their debut LP on the Disko B imprint, having previously released albums on Virgin (‘Reset the Preset’) and on the seminal indie Matador (‘‘Rocket in the Pocket’). They’ve also collaborated with Bjork and Depeche Mode, which gives you a hint of their tendency towards the dark and introspective. Members Axel Fischer, Christoph Brandner, Michael Schwaiger, Miriam Osterrieder and Anton Kaun join Martin Gretschmann for this intriguing and at times melancholic meander.This album does not resemble ‘electro-pop’ in the slightest: Console texture their atmospheres into a soft melodic pulse and surround them with smooth layers of noise. Tracks like ‘By This River’, ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Starpower’ exploit the beautiful instrument that is Mirriam Osterrieder’s voice, which also emerges, if only as a whisper, at other points on the album. This is perfect downtime music to pacify the mind when all else seems to fail.

‘City of Dog’ is my personal fave; it would sit well in a chillout mix from the likes of Chris Coco. Elsewhere ‘Lost in Sensation’ induces sleep, but not out of boredom. There’s no sign of a struggle anywhere on this album – it’s an electric lullaby.

‘Mono’ flickers between this ambience and a lost vagueness resembling something like pop. There’s even cover versions of Brian Eno (‘By this River’) and Sonic Youth (‘Starpower’), performed with a gentle Console flow without any sense of overdoing the deeper tones. These Bavarians seem to draw influence from Depeche Mode, in particular from tracks like ‘Darkest Star’ on their recent ‘Playing the Angel’ album, and you could even draw other connections, perhaps to someone like James Holden, currently toying with downtempo electronica. It’d be interesting to see what he’d do with some of these tracks if a remix was offered.

‘Mono’ is a contemplative offering in a world gone seemingly mad at times, reminding us that we are a mere blip on the big screen.
(Dave Noonan/Resident Advisor)

CONSOLE – Herself

Console - Herself
Console - Herself 







Mono - Console

Format: CD (Digifile) / Do-LP

DB156CD  |  Indigo 95226-2/1

#01  She saw
#02  a homeless ghost
#03  walking th equator
#04  cutting time.
#05  Bit for bit
#06  dropped down
#07  upon
#08  her eyes
#09  leaving a century
#10  of time
#11  for herself.

Howdy! Four years after the last Console release “Mono” it’s been time for some new vivid life signs of the famous Weilheim based collective. This time the new album titled “Herself” is a bit more of a solo attempt. Due to mastermind Martin Gretschmann’s always packed calendar it’s no surprise that first drafts of „Herself“ came to life on his laptop whilst on tour with The Notwist. The final recordings then took place in his studio together with singer Miriam Osterrieder and a bunch of electronic toys.

Martin Gretschmann can be called – in best sense – a creative factotum: The Notwist’s electronic wizard since 1997, as well as member of the allstar combo 13&God (a collaboration of The Notwist and the Anticon HipHoppers of Themselves). Under his alter ego Acid Pauli he does not only perform extraordinary club sets but – thinking of tracks like „Billy The Killy“ and „I See A Darkness“ – he also brought some humour onto the minimal dancefloor. “Anything goes“ – a maxim sometimes also showing up in his never ending eagerness to experiment, e.g. playing electronic music live on stage via Wii controllers. Over the years Console – in coop with Andreas Ammer – has also discovered another interesting playground: the radio play.

„Herself“ is not a born-and-bred ambient album, but bristles with bright pop appeal. Gretschmann, the alchemist, synthesizes beats, sounds and samples creating melodies and atmospheres which take unpretentiously possession. Miriam Osterrieders’ voice is much more present and smelts the sentiment between pop and ambient into just wonderful songs. Verses like „the code is clear / the child is safe / we leave the nerds / inside / their caves” may reveal a little about how prudent the album is. Just not kitsch, but its complete antithesis!

Console have already caused quite a stir with their releases for different labels like the major Virgin as well as for seminal indies like Payola and Matador (e.g. the Singles “14 Zero Zero“ and “Freiburg V.3.0“, the records “Rocket In The Pocket”, “Reset The Preset”). They did a live album (“Live At Centre Pompidou“), several radio plays as well as collaborations with Björk, Tocotronic and Depeche Mode. After „Mono“ (2006) and the re-release of the debut „Pan-or-ama“ the new album „Herself“ is another step in Console’s band history on Disko B.