STEREO TOTAL – Paris-Berlin

STEREO TOTAL - Paris-Berlin

STEREO TOTAL - Paris-Berlin 

Paris Berlin (Bonus Track Version) - Stereo Total

Format: CD / LP

DB147 | Indigo

01.Miss Rebellion des Hormone
02. Ich bin der Stricherjunge
03. Plastic
04. Komplex mit dem Sex
05.: Lolita Fantome
06. Küsse aus der Hölle der Musik
07. Plus minus null
08. Mehr Licht
09. Ta voix au telephone
10. Patty Hearst

„This is Punk, this  is Rock’n’Roll, this is modern Music!
After Oh Ah, Monokini, Juke-Box-Alarm, My Melody, Musique Automatique, Do The Bambi, Discothèque und Party Anticonformiste – The Bungalow Years now coming up is Stereo Total’s new record: Paris-Berlin. 

Paris-Berlin is both – a Rock’n’Roll- and a Chanson-Album. At the same time it’s more dynamic as well as more romantic than Stereo Total’s previous productions. On the CD-cover you can see Brezel Göring and Françoise Cactus shown as naked lovers. The  recordings sound very naturally and pretty ’rough’. There are no superfluous sound effects, resulting in a production evoking intimacy und warmth.
The songs are for the most part very melodic, the lyrics deal with topics like LOVE, REBELLION and NOSTALGIA.

The way from the Primitive to the Complex to the finally Simple
Why the hack do Stereo Total not only write songs like ’Liebe zu dritt’? Why don’t they just sign a deal with a major record company (stuffing them in an appropriate box, doing the usual kind of marketing and promotion)? Why don’t they play big stadiums and care about chart rankings?
”We could do that, but…“ (what follows now is ear-deafening noise from the ’Prolog’ of Einstürzende Neubauten).

Instead of all that they once more return to their roots, to Lo-Fi, 4-track recording, guitar – drums – and monophonic-synthesizer-minimalism, to their beloved ’give a shit’-attitude, humour, to subversion, to the specific Françoise-Cactus-definition of feminism and to pop music everyone and everywhere around the world understands immediately (stylistic and linguistic borders don’t exist anymore) and knows, that this kind of music does NOT have anything to do (anything) with terms like maximization of  profit(s), music industry, music television (MTV), mobile ringtones and exploitation.

Like Horses on cheap drugs
Stereo Total have constantly been on tour all around the world for the last six years: North and South America, Japan, Russia, Europe, China, Turkey.
The new record represents the concerts in a good way: minimalist electro-chansons right between Punkrock, Rock’n’Roll, Disco and New Wave, played on guitar, drums and Sampler, played by two people sounding like a hord of horses on cheap drugs. Although best-known as „Electro-Duo“ Stereo Total always used drums and guitar on stage, a rarity in most clubs the past years (where „live-set“ mainly meant CD-Playback), but Stereo Total have always played both: the clubs and the rock venues (where on the other hand apart from them – almost nobody performed with sampler and synthesizer).