ACID PAULI – Blackseat of my car

ACID PAULI - Backseat of my car

ACID PAULI - Backside of my car

Blackseat Of My Car - Acid Pauli
Format: Limited Coloured Vinyl

DB146 | Indigo MS 90113-6

UPC : 8 80918 01466 1
Release : March 30th 2007


A1 Blackseat Of My Car – Original Version
A2  Sitting On The Dog Of My Babe
B1  Blackseat Of My Car – Acid Pauli Remix

Good Enough For You are Karin Brüll and Raumschiff Engelmayr. Martin Gretschmann (aka. Acid Pauli aka. Console) met them in vienna and marked the duo as top-discovery of the year.

Karin Brüll likes it rough – not only with the sewing machine, also as musician with GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU (clarinet, vocals, perc), with the Shampoo Girls or the Konzertmusikgruppe der Schwestern Brüll. With the feministic art-group Schwestern Brüll she takes part in exhibitions and discussions, does performances and the radio-show “Das Brüllzimmer” on Radio Orange 94,0 in Vienna.

Raumschiff Engelmayr maneuvers mainly in the viennese space – driven by the solar sail. Raumschiff is musician (electric guitar, vocals, competent re beats’n’pedals) with GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, Bulbul, Fugu And The Cosmic Mumu.

For not having to plan any vacation-trips and to get one over on the patriarchal deadhead-system, Karin Brüll and Raumschiff Engelmayr founded the band GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Since 2005 they have been designing a platform for their affinity to strangeness, their eyes and ears for details, their interest in the manufacturing of exceptional instruments and their humor.

Expect impulsive beats, slammed to the ground-guitars, fe- und -male vocals plus sounds from the secret octave, generated with clarinet or axeguitar. The first fan of GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU is Martin Gretschmann. His techno alter ego ACID PAULI did a remix of the track „Blackseat Of My Car“ which will be released as maxi 12“ (DISKO B / DB146 / HAUSMUSIK / INDIGO) with the original and a second track, „Sitting On The Dog Of My Babe“. Gretschmann also invited the group as support for the march-tour of his band CONSOLE.